The Architectural Urban Interior Design – AUID – Ph.D. Program promotes studies on architecture mostly on these aspects: design, theory, history, technology.
The methodological frame is the design-driven research.
We consider design the cultural environment where to produce theoretical and technical knowledge.

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

Politecnico di Milano

Campus Leonardo
via Bonardi 3
20133, Milan, Italy



AUID PhD Program activates different kinds of teaching forms, including courses, seminars, project workshops, laboratories. Teaching activities cover the basic research issues (problems, theories, methods), which represent the founding element of AUID Program and identify clearly its cultural position.

XXXIX Cycle (2023-2024)

Compulsory courses

Architectural Criticism: Science, Practice or Ideology
Professor: Pierre-Alain Croset

Turning Research into a Book
Professor: Orsina Simona Pierini

Design Driven Research
Professor: Alessandro Rocca

Other opportunities

Affordances of architectural typology
Professor: Gennaro Postiglione, Andreas Lechner

Ethnography in architectural design education and research
Professor: Gennaro Postiglione, Amorim Mota Nelson Jorge, Van Den Heuvel Dirk

Forms of theoretical discourse in Architectural Design Research
Professor: Stamatina Kousidi

XXXVIII Cycle (2022-2023)

Compulsory seminars

Urban Regeneration and Quality of Living: 10 Paradigms of the Contemporaneity
Professor: Guya Bertelli

Research by Criticism
Professor: Pierre-Alain Croset

Contests, Workshops, Exhibitions as Design Driven Research
Professor: Filippo Orsini

Turning Research into a Book
Professor: Orsina Simona Pierini

Architecture in Transition
Professor: Alessandro Rocca

Writing the Architectural Project
Professor: Luigi Spinelli

Elective seminars

Digital Graphics Transition in Architectural Design Agenda
Professor: Luigi Cocchiarella

Innovative Educational Landscape: Figures of the Learning Space and Modes of Training
Professor: Barbara Coppetti

Environmental Design as a Method
Professor: Luca M.F. Fabris

Forms of Discourse in Architectural Design Research
Professor: Stamatina Kousidi