The Architectural Urban Interior Design – AUID – Ph.D. Program promotes studies on architecture mostly on these aspects: design, theory, history, technology.
The methodological frame is the design-driven research.
We consider design the cultural environment where to produce theoretical and technical knowledge.

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

Politecnico di Milano

Campus Leonardo
via Bonardi 3
20133, Milan, Italy



May 2024

Talk Four Architectural Magazines – “San Rocco” – Prof. Pier Paolo Tamburelli
May 15th, 2024
Building 29 “Carta” – Ground floor – h16.30

May 2024

Talk Four Architectural Magazines – “Stoà” – Prof. Jacopo Leveratto
May 8th, 2024
Building 29 “Carta” – First floor – h16.30


PhD course “Architectural Criticism: Science, Practice and Public” | Architectural Criticism as an Object of Research
Friday, April 12th 2024
Room C – Building 11 – 9.15-13.15


Conference – “The architect’s home” – Room 2.2.4 – h15.00


Workshop – “Affordances of Architectural Typologies” – Final Presentation


Seminar – “Giuseppe Terragni new typology new form”


Seminar – “Atlas of Affordances: Recent Typological Research” (Andreas Lechner, TU Graz)


Conference – Architecture Unlocks Nature
European Research Conference on Design and Ecological Transition


Seminar – “PRECISION: The technicalities of Scientific Writing”
Prof. Jacopo Leveratto


Opening of the Academic Year 2023-24 for the candidates of the 39 cicle


AUID Final Defense Session – November 30th, 2023

18/10/23 – Call for Abstract [CLOSED]
Architecture Unlocks Nature
European Research Conference on Design and Ecological Transition
Deadline Extended to November 27, 2023 – Closed


AUID Final Defense Session – October 18th, 2023


AUID + FOSBURY Architecture – Strade Novissime – Biennale di Venezia 2023

Fosbury Architecture and the AUID PhD program propose a discussion on the “Strade novissime” (the newest roads) of architectural research starting from the questions raised by the research activity in architectural design.

Considering the solicitations that come from the XVIII architecture exhibition, AUID invites architects, researchers, and teachers to an open discussion on what the objectives, methods, forms of research are today, in a seminar discussion aimed at everyone, professionals, PhD students, master students.


AUID Final Defense Session – July 12th, 2023


AUID Books: On Publishing PhD Research


AUID Research Talks – March


AUID Research Talks – February


Milestone Open Access – AUID PhD Program

Full Program here

The Architectural Urban Interior Design (AUID) Ph.D. program promotes research on architectural design, with studies and projects aiming at different scales, contexts, and finalities. Research activities grow on the critical analysis and development of design processes and techniques in dynamic relationships with the urgent questions related to the urban and rural environment and the green, blue, and grey infrastructure. Research is supported by acquiring and elaborating insights and skills linked to contemporary architecture’s theoretical and critical horizon.

The Milestone is the biannual meeting where all candidates meet the Faculty Board to discuss the ongoing research.

The Milestone of Fall 2022, 17-21 October, takes place in the Atrium of Building 11, in Campus Leonardo, in an open access modality, welcoming Students and Professors interested in being acquainted with the AUID program.