The Architectural Urban Interior Design – AUID – Ph.D. Program promotes studies on architecture mostly on these aspects: design, theory, history, technology.
The methodological frame is the design-driven research.
We consider design the cultural environment where to produce theoretical and technical knowledge.

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

Politecnico di Milano

Campus Leonardo
via Bonardi 3
20133, Milan, Italy



AUID Series, published by LetteraVentidue, documents the research carried out within AUID PhD program. 

We decided not to publish the entire doctoral works, which are extensive and articulated, but to, instead, select and extract, from those scientific concentrates of sophisticated knowledge, the most comprehensible studies that are obviously associated with themes of the current debate on architectural design. These texts have, therefore, been forcibly stripped of their premises, of the state of the art and apparatus overview. They have, at times, even been disconnected from the broader rationale they belonged to. Hence, it is an arbitrary and, sometimes, unjust process, if we consider the scientific coherence of the original constructs. 

However, dear reader, we assure you that it was done with the best of intentions, an effort aimed at building a small, solid and well-designed bridge between the elite world of academic research and the fluid, open and permeable to discussion, updates of the critical evolution of contemporary architectural design.