via Bonardi 3
20133, Milano



Design of Urban Green Space, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Liheng Zhu
Supervisor: Stamatina Kousidi

Precision Wildland. Designing Third Landscape within the Smart City, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Sara Anna Sapone
Supervisors: Sara Protasoni, Emilia Corradi, Michela Longo

Climate Change and Design Form, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Kevin Santus
Supervisors: Ilaria Valente, Monica Lavagna

The English Country House: Rise and Development since 1859, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Carla Rizzo
Supervisor: Marco Biraghi

Healing Homes. Exploring design for wellbeing, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Rose-Ann Mishio
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Digitalization and Quality for Housing Design, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Elena Maj
Supervisors: Alessandro Rocca, Pascal Terracol (Paris Val de Seine)

The Housing Issue in the Global South, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Alessia Macchiavello
Supervisors: Laura Montedoro, Nelson Mota (TU Delft)

Understanding the Place with Critical Regionalism, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Lu Zhaozhan
Supervisor: Marco Bovati

Epiphany in Vernacular, an Adaptive Renovation, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Liu Xiaoyun
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Urban-rural Continuum Design: Jiulong River Delta2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Li Xiang
Supervisor: Maurizio Meriggi

Adaptation through Design. Coastal Ecological Passage as a Nature-based Defense to Tackle Rising Sea Level, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Li Jiaxi
Supervisor: Matteo Poli

Interior Public Space: Exploring the Continuity of Urban into the Interior, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Sarah Javed Shah
Supervisor: Carles Muro Soler

Protection and Regeneration of Chinese Historical Villages Based on Digital Technology, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Hu Dan
Supervisor: Marco Bovati

An Integrated Design Strategy of Urban Underground Space2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Hailong Chai
Supervisor: Maurizio Meriggi

Rethinking Peripheral Neglected Spaces as Places of Empowerment, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Francesca Gotti

Narrative as a Design Tool in Fragile Environments, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Marianna Frangipane
Supervisor: Andrea Di Franco

Photography as an instrument for design in the work of Pierre Jeanneret 1920 – 1967, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Oljer Cardenas Nino
Supervisor: Orsina Simona Pierini

Soil as infrastructure. The role of architecture in designing the rural-urban transition, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Cecilia Cempini
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Antonio Di Campli, Franco Tagliabue
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Universidad Técnica Particular De Loja (Ecuador)

Rural habitat at 0° latitude, The architectural project as a seed of change for country living, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Valentina Dell’Orto
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Antonio Di Campli, Franco Tagliabue
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Universidad Técnica Particular De Loja (Ecuador)

[The Evaporative City. Guidelines on Bioclimatic Urban Adaptation and Regeneration through Water, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Mariana Pereira Guimarães
Supervisors: Valentina Dessì, Eugenio Morello
SOLOCLIM / ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action

Solutions for outdoor climate adaptation, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Adrian Moreda Valek
Supervisors: Valentina Dessì, Eugenio Morello
SOLOCLIM / ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action

Graphene in Building Construction: Potentiality and Questions, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Carla Bulone
Supervisors: Alessandro Rogora
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Branding Srl

Urban architecture and Resilience: the University Campus of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Pablo Gamboa Samper
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Ilaria Valente
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Claudia Mainardi
Supervisors: Gennaro Postiglione, Gaia Caramellino
TACK / ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action

Invisible Form. Relations between Form and Structure through the Foundations, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Gino Baldi
Supervisors: Carles Muro, Ilaria Valente

A Safe Space. Ordinary Architecture for Extraordinary Conditions, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Beatrice Balducci
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

(Re)Architecture. Guiding Practices for the Reconstruction of Italian Monuments, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Pietro Brunazzi
Supervisor: Pier Federico Caliari

Underground Hubs. Connecting Soil and Subsoil, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Amath Luca Diatta
Supervisor: Pier Federico Caliari

Warped Communities. Learning from the Architecture of Collective Therapy, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Alberto Geuna
Supervisor: Pierre-Alain Croset

Designing preservation. The multiscalar architectural project as an integrated tool to tackle territorial fragility in the UNESCO management plan of Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Sara Ghirardini
Supervisor: Pier Federico Caliari

The hidden potential of the “Dvor” semi-private spaces in Moscow: urban void between the housing units and its framing borders, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Bogdan Peric
Supervisors: Alessandro Rocca, Camillo Magni

Arks. Architectures of the Sylva, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Alberto Petracchin
Supervisors: Alessandro Rocca, Sara Marini

Sharing Landscape: Beyond the Urban-rural Dialectic, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Isabella Spagnolo
Supervisors: Guya Bertelli, Marco Bovati

Urban information visualization: urban physical indicators and thermal environment, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Qian Zhang
Supervisors: Alessandro Rogora

Architecture and Unesco Buffer Zones. The architectural project as a tool for archaeological sites within fragile territories, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Greta Allegretti
Supervisors: Pier Federico Caliari, Angela Maria Ferroni

Interiors and Synthèse des Arts. A Critical Investigation Methodology, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Carola D’Ambros
Supervisors: Imma Forino, Annalisa Viati Navone
Double Doctorate Polimi / Université Paris-Saclay

Urban Enclaves on Tunisian Waterfronts, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Anis Gharsallah
Supervisors: Laura Montedoro, Najla Allani
Double Doctorate Enau Tunis / Polimi

The City as a Curatorial Practice. The Interior Attitude of Contemporary Space, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Chiara Lionello
Supervisor: Pierluigi Salvadeo

Re-reading Form Through the Joint. The Archaeological Attitude of Design Driven Research, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Enrico Miglietta
Supervisors: Gennaro Postiglione, Annalisa de Curtis, Johan Van Den Berghe, Thierry Lagrange

A New Urban Stereotomy. Design Strategies for the Base of Social Housing Districts, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Valerio Sorgini
Supervisors: Filippo Orsini, Ilaria Valente

Architecture on the Modern. Methods and design actions for the school heritage within seismic Italy, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Greta Taronna
Supervisors: Emilia Corradi, Ilaria Valente

The debate on the transformations of coastal territories
Criticism beyond the field of the specialized culture 

France and Italy, 1950s-1980s, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Alessandro Benetti
Supervisors: Hélène Jannière, Marco Biraghi
Double Doctorate Université Rennes 2 / Polimi

Event-city: An approach to urban regeneration driven by cultural creative industry network, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Yujie Lang
Supervisors: Marco Borsotti, Marco Bovati

Wild Gardens. The Inherent Architecture of Planting Design, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Silvia Mundula
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Monumental Ground. Infrastructures, Construction Sites, Landscape, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Chiara Pradel
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Seeking the common ground. Exploring potentials of an interplay of water-asphalt infrastructure and urban form for regenerating Quanzhou inner city, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Wenying Song
Supervisor: Ilaria Valente