AUID Ph.D. Program promotes studies of Architectural, Urban, and Interior Design in all aspects.
The methodological frame is the design-driven research.
We consider design the cultural environment where to produce theoretical and technical knowledge.

Politecnico di Milano

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

via Bonardi 3
20133, Milano, Italy



Architects’ Trip in Represented Places, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Fuat Arabaci
Supervisor: Giovanni Corbellini

Engines of Sustainable Development: Architectures for Highway Service Areas, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Beatrice Azzola
Supervisor: Andrea Gritti

Cage and vat city, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Nicola Campri
Supervisors: Pierluigi Salvadeo

Designing with land. Mining Architectures and Landscape Regeneration Strategies, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Chiara Caravello
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Rita Occhiuto

Resilience of rural/vernacular inhabiting in urban friction areas in the cities of Global South, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Michela Caserini
Supervisor: Camillo Magni

Research on Public Art and Urban Micro-Renewal in ChengDu, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Ai Cheng
Supervisor: Filippo Orsini

Productive environment. The re-definition of spaces for production in the contemporary context of productive environment, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Jiarui Cui
Supervisor: Pierluigi Salvadeo

Revitalization of ancient cities: Medina of Tripoli – Libya, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Majdulin Elmansuri
Supervisor: Marco Navarra

Nightscape. The Role Of Night Lighting On Urban Spaces, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Aya Glida
Supervisor: Marco Borsotti

Design-driven research of Chong Wu Ancient City. Encountering the topophilia, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Jin Lin
Supervisor: Marco Bovati 

Building Paranoia: Rendering Trauma-Wares. Standardized technologies and devices as a paradigm of distress in architectural design, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Valentina Noce
Supervisor: Matteo Poli 

Nutrire le città. Design guidelines for the introduction and development of vertical farming in the urban system, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Filippo Oppimitti 
Supervisor: Filippo Orsini 

Subtraction in architecture as a virtuous process, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Luca Pietrogrande
Supervisor: Orsina Simona Pierini

Collectiveness as a design strategy: urban commons, co-housing and other instances European projects, 2000-2020, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Michele Porcelluzzi
Supervisor: Fabrizia Berlingieri

Designing in response to a need for healthCOVID-19. The design of Healthcare Centers  between health and salubrity, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Francesca Ripamonti
Supervisor: Michele Ugolini

Minor Architecture. Methodological strategies and projects for the regeneration of Valle Roveto, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Stefano Sartorio
Supervisor: Emilia Corradi

Designing Her SpaceThemes, Strategies and Processes. The design of relational spaces in vulnerable neighborhoods as spaces for common using gender-sensitive approach as design tool, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Arianna Scaioli
Supervisors: Ilaria Valente, Emilia Corradi

Arrival architectures. Refugee settlements: a design research of comings, goings, and the in-between, 2022 – ongoing
Yona Schreyer
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Preservation of colonial architecture in post-colonial port cities in China, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Jiajia Wei
Supervisor: Filippo Orsini

Research on the Spatial Adaptability of Traditional Miao Villages in Guizhou Based on Three-Dimensional Quantification, 2022 – ongoing
Candidate: Liu Yidan
Supervisor: Marco Bovati

Design of Urban Green Space, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Liheng Zhu
Supervisor: Stamatina Kousidi

Precision Wildland. Designing Third Landscape within the Smart City, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Sara Anna Sapone
Supervisors: Sara Protasoni, Emilia Corradi, Michela Longo

Climate Change and Design Form, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Kevin Santus

Supervisors: Ilaria Valente, Monica Lavagna

The English Country House: Rise and Development since 1859, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Carla Rizzo
Supervisor: Marco Biraghi

Healing Homes. Exploring Design for Wellbeing, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Rose-Ann Mishio
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Digitalization and Quality for Housing Design, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Elena Maj
Supervisors: Alessandro Rocca, Pascal Terracol (Université de Paris Val de Seine)

The Housing Issue in the Global South, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Alessia Macchiavello
Supervisors: Laura Montedoro, Nelson Mota (TU Delft)

Understanding the Place with Critical Regionalism, 
2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Lu Zhaozhan
Supervisor: Marco Bovati

Epiphany in Vernacular, an Adaptive Renovation, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Liu Xiaoyun
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

Urban-rural Continuum Design: Jiulong River Delta
2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Li Xiang
Supervisor: Maurizio Meriggi

Adaptation through Design. Coastal Ecological Passage as a Nature-based Defense to Tackle Rising Sea Level, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Li Jiaxi
Supervisor: Matteo Poli

Interior Public Space: Exploring the Continuity of Urban into the Interior, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Sarah Javed Shah
Supervisor: Carles Muro Soler

Protection and Regeneration of Chinese Historical Villages Based on Digital Technology, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Hu Dan
Supervisor: Marco Bovati

An Integrated Design Strategy of Urban Underground Space, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Hailong Chai
Supervisor: Maurizio Meriggi

Rethinking Peripheral Neglected Spaces as Places of Empowerment, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Francesca Gotti
Supervisor: Francesco Careri (Università di Roma Tre)

Narrative as a Design Tool in Fragile Environments, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Marianna Frangipane
Supervisor: Andrea Di Franco

Photography as an instrument for design in the work of Pierre Jeanneret 1920 – 1967, 2021 – ongoing
Candidate: Oljer Cardenas Nino
Supervisors: Orsina Simona Pierini, Carmen Espegel (ETSAM)

Soil as infrastructure. The role of architecture in designing the rural-urban transition, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Cecilia Cempini
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Antonio Di Campli (Politecnico di Torino)
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Universidad Técnica Particular De Loja (Ecuador)

Rural habitat at 0° latitude. The architectural project as a seed of change for country living, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Valentina Dell’Orto
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Antonio Di Campli (Politecnico di Torino)
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Universidad Técnica Particular De Loja (Ecuador)

The Evaporative City. Guidelines on bioclimatic urban adaptation and regeneration through water, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Mariana Pereira Guimarães
Supervisors: Valentina Dessì, Matteo Clementi, Eugenio Morello
SOLOCLIM / ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action

Solutions for outdoor climate adaptation, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Adrian Moredia Valek
Supervisor: Valentina Dessì
SOLOCLIM / ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action

Graphene in Building Construction: Potentiality and Questions, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Carla Bulone
Supervisor: Alessandro Rogora, Jacopo Leveratto

Urban architecture and Resilience: the University Campus of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Pablo Gamboa Samper
Supervisors: Andrea Gritti, Ilaria Valente
Executive Ph.D. in partnership with Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and its Ways of Knowing, 2020 – ongoing
Candidate: Claudia Mainardi
Supervisors: Gaia Caramellino, Gennaro Postiglione, Christoph Grafe (University of Wuppertal)
TACK / ITN Marie Sklodowska-Curie Action

Invisible Form. Relations between Form and Structure through the Foundations, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Gino Baldi
Supervisors: Carles Muro

A Safe Space. Ordinary Architecture for Extraordinary Conditions, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Beatrice Balducci
Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca

(Re)Architecture. Guiding Practices for the Reconstruction of Italian Monuments, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Pietro Brunazzi
Supervisor: Pier Federico Caliari

Underground Hubs. Connecting Soil and Subsoil, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Amath Luca Diatta
Supervisor: Pier Federico Caliari

Warped Communities. Learning from the Architecture of Collective Therapy, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Alberto Geuna
Supervisor: Pierre-Alain Croset, Sabrina Puddu (The Architectural Association, London)

Designing preservation. The multiscalar architectural project as an integrated tool to tackle territorial fragility in the UNESCO management plan of Villa Adriana and Villa d’Este, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Sara Ghirardini
Supervisor: Pier Federico Caliari

The hidden potential of the “Dvor” semi-private spaces in Moscow: urban void between the housing units and its framing borders, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Bogdan Peric
Supervisors: Alessandro Rocca, Camillo Magni

Arks. Architectures of the Sylva, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Alberto Petracchin
Supervisors: Sara Marini, Alessandro Rocca

Sharing Landscape: Beyond the Urban-rural Dialectic, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Isabella Spagnolo
Supervisors: Guya Bertelli, Marco Bovati

Urban information visualization: urban physical indicators and thermal environment, 2019 – ongoing
Candidate: Qian Zhang
Supervisors: Alessandro Rogora

Interiors and Synthèse des Arts. A Critical Investigation Methodology, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Carola D’Ambros
Supervisors: Imma Forino, Annalisa Viati Navone
Double Doctorate Polimi / Université Paris-Saclay

Urban Enclaves on Tunisian Waterfronts, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Anis Gharsallah
Supervisors: Laura Montedoro, Najla Allani
Double Doctorate Enau Tunis / Polimi

The City as a Curatorial Practice. The Interior Attitude of Contemporary Space, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Chiara Lionello
Supervisor: Pierluigi Salvadeo

Re-reading Form Through the Joint. The Archaeological Attitude of Design Driven Research, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Enrico Miglietta
Supervisors: Gennaro Postiglione, Annalisa de Curtis, Johan Van Den Berghe (KU Leuven), Thierry Lagrange (KU Leuven)

A New Urban Stereotomy. Design strategies for the base of social housing districts, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Valerio Sorgini
Supervisors: Filippo Orsini, Ilaria Valente

Architecture on the Modern. Methods and design actions for the school heritage within seismic Italy, 2018 – ongoing
Candidate: Greta Taronna
Supervisors: Ilaria Valente, Claudio Chesi, Emilia Corradi, Wessel De Jonge (TU Delft)

The debate on the transformations of coastal territories. Criticism beyond the field of the specialized culture France and Italy, the 1950s-1980s, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Alessandro Benetti
Supervisors: Hélène Jannière, Marco Biraghi
Double Doctorate with Université Rennes 2

Wild Gardens. The inherent architecture of planting design, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Silvia Mundula
Supervisors: Alessandro Rocca, Annalisa Metta ((Università di Roma Tre)

Seeking Common Ground. Exploring potentials of an interplay of water-asphalt infrastructure and urban form for regenerating Quanzhou inner city, 2017 – ongoing
Candidate: Wenying Song
Supervisor: Ilaria Valente